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Buster K

New member
hi all, 2014 MKS, have reviewed the manual, and checked into the left control window but no joy. i want to have "DAYTIME DRIVING LIGHTS" which come on when the car is running and so far have come up empty handed. seems mine doesnt have the factory driving light setting. is there an upgrade, mod, or some way to have a driving light added without going to the adhesive mount LED light strips? i want a clean factory look. TIA


I just got a high end ($1200+) Autel scanner that can do some programming (they call it PCM coding), and one of the things I ran across was Daytime Running Lights. I have both a 2014 & 2015 MKS. On the 2015 , DRL was turned on, but on the 2014 DRL was turned off. I haven't yet checked what is different on the 2 cars up front when they are running, but I plan to do so fairly soon. I think what they do is run the front parking lights on the 2015 as the DRL, because I don't think you can run HID lamps at reduced voltage. Unfortunately, I think the car has to be in drive and the E-brake off for the DRL to be activated, and I need 2 people to do that, so the car does not run away from me---Either that, or I need to head straight on to a store front window so I can see the reflection of what is going on up front. Usually activating the E-brake turns off the DRL, so that won't work. When I get the chance to check it out, I will repost here and let you know what is activated on my 15 but not activated on the 14.

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