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Will hardwiring a dash camera void vehicle warranty, install would be done by auto electric installer who does this type work.


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Will hardwiring a dash camera void vehicle warranty, install would be done by auto electric installer who does this type work.

Hi milcol. Will it "void" the vehicle warranty? No. "Voiding" the warranty means absolutely nothing will ever be covered under warranty ever again. Very few things "void a warranty". Things like being caught racing a vehicle (rare), flood/salvaged vehicles etc.

However, it is a bit more complicated subject, and a modification like that could possibly lead to warranty claims issues and/or denials for anything electrical/electronic/ SYNC etc. That would also apply to safety and driving features like lane centering, parking aids, ACC etc.

Essentially anything that can be even remotely connected to the electrical and electronic systems of the vehicle. Lincoln warranties our vehicles exactly as they rolled off the assembly line. So any modification can lead to warranty issues for anything even slightly connected to the modification.

A few caveats: First...That does not mean you will definitely have warranty claim issues. You simply need to be aware that you could have warranty claims issues later.

Second...Contrary to what some believe, the automaker does not need to "prove" the modification caused a problem in order to deny a warranty claim. They can just say, "No, we won't fix it because your modifications caused the problem". Then essentially the only options the vehicle owner would have would be to yell/beg/plead/threaten. When that does not work, then the BBB AutoLine Arbitration process, or taking the automaker to court.
Then ultimately yes, the automaker may need to prove it in court. But that could be years later. And they have lots of lawyers and expert witnesses that we don't have. And in the meantime, our vehicle has not been fixed for all that time, if we even still have it.

Third...Contrary to what some believe...No, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act does not offer protection in these cases.

All of that being said, if it is being professionally installed, the risks of warranty issues are minimal and I would not worry about it. You may also want to take a look at the Warranty Guide you were given when you purchased your vehicle (if you purchased new), for a more official explanation of things.
If you do not have the hard copy, you can download the PDF version here: https://www.fleet.ford.com/parts-service/resources/owner-manuals/

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.