Corsair transmission problem , car bucking at low speeds

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My 2019 Nautilus did this after I first got it. I was told to give it a few weeks as it was "learning" my driving habits. It got worse instead of better. The dealer picked it up and took it in and recalibrated the transmission. I haven't had any issues since then. I do notice if I have AutoStop engaged and I'm at a traffic light and the engine shuts down, I get a jerk when I first press the accelerator. I've learned to ease off the brake just a bit and let the engine restart before I accelerate.

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I have a 2020 with the 2.0. Mine doesn't really buck but the very first time I drive it each day, I have what I would call a back and forth surge...very mild though. It is not the transmission but the all wheel drive. Each time you start out from a stop, the all wheel drive is engaged and eventually fades out. So if I gently accelerate and then back off, I get that surge because of the all wheel drive. But again, only when the engine is still cold. Never happens after vehicle warms up.


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Please bear with me on this, as I am neither a great writer, or a transmission expert.

After reading about this for the 4 months and 9,500 miles I have owned my '21 2.0T FWD, and not really feeling anything unusual, as I have mentioned before, I THINK I understand what the issues MAY be.

Here goes, I am trying to help here: (I welcome all comments)

I have mentioned before that I believe it is the normal feeling one would get in a manual transmission vehicle in first gear, when driving showily and very gently accelerating and decelerating as in slow moving traffic. First, this is an 8 seed transmission (***more on this later) My theory is that when the Corsair is cold, the emissions controls keep the automictic transmission in the lower gears (perhaps even first gear) for a longer time to assist the engine in quickly warming up, (which is a requirement for better emissions controls) making this "bucking" or "jerky" feeling more obvious.

I went out Sunday morning with a cold engine, and for the first 1/2 mile, I purposely keep the speed around or below 18 mph...but gently let off and gently pressed on the pedal (trying to simulate slow moving commuter traffic) to see if I could duplicate this feeling that has been mentioned here. I noticed that the transmission stayed in first gear until I reached a road with a higher speed where it was not safe to maintain 18 mph. Later in the day, with a warm engine, I duplicated the same, and the transmission had already shifted twice during this time, now being in third gear, where this back and forth "bucking/jerking" was not at all noticeable. I have not driven other owner's Corsairs to compare, and I am not a transmission expert, but this is my belief.

I wonder how many of the folks who are commenting/complaining about this feeling have ever driven a manual transmission car, and remember this feeling? Again, I say there is nothing wrong with this feeling in my car, as it is totally normal, especially noticeable when cold. I HAD TO REALLY TRY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, AND IT IS NOT AT ALL A PROBLEM, in my opinion.

Also, when some of you have said they have felt this in other Corsairs, well....yeah, it is normal gear lash (or what ever the technical term for it is)

Additionally, I believe that the dealers who have updated software, or reflashed software, or whatever, are truly attempting to satisfy customers concerns, while they truly believe that there is nothing wrong. Once again, I have not driven other's Corsairs.

One more thing. This is my first Lincoln. Perhaps some of you have owned many Lincolns, most likely when Lincolns were really soft boaty/floaty cars, with 3, 4 or 5 gear "slush box" transmissions. The less gears the "higher" the ratio on the first gear and the less this feeling would be obvious. *** Our 8 speed transmissions have a very low first gear ratio, making this feeling more noticeable.

Ok, This is my opinion.

If you don't like this feeling go buy a car with a will not feel this.
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I got my Corsair January, 2020. Started reading many reports of this soon afterward. Never heard of anyone getting a fix for it from dealer. Mine does it also, but I don’t notice it now.