Corsair auto stop/start problems

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Oct 12, 2011
Yes, I called the dealership, and they transferred me to the Lincoln service person, I got voicemail. I left a message but received no call back. I called again a few days later, they transferred me to the same voicemail, I did not leave a message. I called again about a week later and actually spoke to someone. He took a message and said he would stick it on the person's computer screen. Two days later, no call. I ONLY tried Concierge because I thought maybe I would get better service. I'm sure my problem is not that big of a deal compared to everyone else's problems as mine is not affecting my drivability. I think a lot of it has to do with NO LOANER cars available. But at least contact me and set up something. Thank you for your reply.

Hi timinrm. Sorry for my confusion, but WOW, your Dealership really needs to improve their system.

When I call the Service Department at my Dealership for an appointment (or any Dealership I have used in my many years of vehicle ownership), I don't need to ask for anyone else. I tell the person who answers the phone that I need a service appointment, a loaner etc., and they set up an appointment for the next available date.

So I am wondering why they are forwarding/passing messages to others (sticking them on someone's "computer screen"? lololol), instead of simply setting up an appointment? I know, rhetorical question. :rolleyes:

And it is rare that I can't get a live person when I call the Service Department at my Dealership. The very few times I do get voicemail, I call back in a few minutes and do get a real person.

Your Dealership certainly needs to improve their system.

EDIT- Another thought: When I call my Dealership, I get automated prompts for the Sales Department, Service Department. Parts Department, Operator etc. I then choose "Service" and am transferred to a general line which any available Servie Advisor can answer (I assume through experience). Does your Dealership give you those automated prompts? I am not sure how you are proceeding, but if you get those prompts and are choosing the general operator, you may want to try the Service Department prompt instead of the operator. It may get you to a general Service number that will be picked up by someone who is available, instead of switched to an individual voice mail. Again, I'm flying blind here, so that is only a random thought which may or may not apply to your situation.

Keep us updated on this and good luck.
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Dec 22, 2021
I would insist that they replace your battery like mine did. If they don't agree, try a different dealer or call Lincoln Concierge as someone else mentioned. Mine was an earlier build and apparently didn't sell because it was too well equipped. I think they were glad I showed interest in leasing it as they gave me a good price. The problem may be systematic of early builds. (Mine was last March) andI didn't buy it until July. I also had a problem with it not taking fuel which h the dealer fixed as there was a service bulletin and they had to adjust some computer module. Now all seems fine. Sometimes I think waiting for the second year to buy is better as when they do a new model, they often have "bugs" in them. Overall, I do like the car and find it a nice ride.
I agree, Rob. I have always waited for the third year of a car model before buying it. Too many gremlins the first year and it affects all makes out there. Having spent my career in computer software I learned don't implement the first version of anything as they always include massive bugs which get worked out by the 2nd and third release. Same with cars these days as they are computers on wheels and very dependent on hardware and software upgrades. Just my opinion.


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Apr 29, 2021
Had my 22 Reserve in for a couple of minor things while we were away for 10 days. On my way home with the car after picking it up after our trip, the airbag light illuminated on the dash. I went back. They needed to order a seat belt sensor of some sort, (will be in on Monday) but my point, is that they rented me a car from Enterprise. This has been the case with me earlier as well. NEVER has been an issue getting a vehicle when I need one.

My suggestion for anyone who needs a replacement car while their Corsair is in for "work" and the dealer doesn't have any loaners, ASK for a rental. Lincoln pays for it. My current rental is covered at $50/day by Lincoln. You most likely will not get a Lincoln rental, but it is wheels and convenient, as Enterprise will pick you up at the dealer, and you can return the rental to the dealer when your Corsair is ready.

I know, OFF TOPIC, but I felt it was worth mentioning considering the trend of this topic.


Dec 22, 2021
Personally, If I know I won't be driving the car for a week or more, I would connect up the trickle charger. If your keys are hung up inside the house but not protected from signal sending all the time, that can drain the battery a bit. I have found little key pouches that are lined with lead fabric and protect from any signals going out. I got them off Amazon. Just a suggestion or two to help.

Rob 543

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Dec 8, 2020
Sounds like a good idea. I think the auto stop/stat feature is a waste of technology. If Lincoln is dropping some items due to chip shortages, I think they should stat by dropping this feature. It rarely works on my car. Everything else works fine and the dealer even replaced my battery to make it work but unless you drive a lot a high speeds for longer trips, it still revert back to not working. The system needs some major renovations