control module reprograming

Mike Walsh

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Hi Folks
My 2004 town car needs a replacement Drivers Door Control Module. I understand that any new, used, or rebuilt units will have to be "programed" to your host vehicle or they won't work. Is there any one who can do the other than the ford dealer? The closest Lincoln dealer is 100 miles away and the local Carson City Nevada Ford dealer didn't know "how much" and didn't seem to know if they could? I see the 4W1T-13C791-AA module's on e bay but they all seem to need to be programmed.

Any help out there?


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There have been a number of discussions on that. You might look for those. Most of us call it a DDM (leaving out the Control). Some have been able to program DDM's using a free software called Forscan on a laptop or phone and a dongle that goes to your OBDII port. Others have had luck by buying a used DDM that came from a same year car that has the same options. And some have mentioned that some dealers will not reprogram a used DDM. Those are just some things off the top of my head.