Collision Avoidance System

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I am going to have my dealer check my system out in the next week or so, but am wondering ... is there a way to test the collision avoidance system? When I rented a Ford Escape, when I came up too fast on a stopped car (such as at a light), the system would kick in almost too soon. In my Corsair, no matter the setting, I can't set it off. I obviously don't want to actually crash to check it out, but it's not going off when I am technically too close to the car to avoid a crash if it were actually stopped in front of me.

Corsair Standard, if that makes a difference.


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My Corsair (also Standard, 2020) sometimes seems like the collision avoidance is too sensitive. It doesn't go off frequently, and even less frequently does it go off for something that might have been a real concern if I hadn't already been aware (such as a vehicle ahead of me slowing down or stopping), but it does seem to trigger on the "too soon" side. It's gone off about a handful of times in the time I've had the car, and not once has it actually identified an impending collision, unless you count that poor tiny snowflake last winter that I suppose I might actually have hit (I'm not joking; there was absolutely no traffic nor obstacles around me, but it was snowing). Overall, I shrug in its general direction. I (obviously?) don't want to turn the feature off, on the off chance that I might someday actually need it, and I suppose I prefer it to be a little over-sensitive rather than under-sensitive. So far, though, it's been a mild distraction when it has gone off, rather than made me glad the car has the feature.

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My experience was coming out of work at 1:30am and the vehicle was covered in mixed precipitation. When I put the car in reverse to back out of the parking slot, my dash went red and the brakes locked the car from going anywhere. I had to turn off the anti collision system on my info screen just so I could back up. I wonder if bug strikes on the front bumper sensors would cause anomalies as well.


Definitely keeping the vehicle clean is critical to all the safety systems working properly. I have a 2019 Escape and was driving through a very heavy wet snow storm. The bumper got covered in snow which also covered the frontal impact sensors. I kept getting a message the frontal impact system was not working. I finally pulled over and bought some spray on deicer, cleared all the sensors and sprayed the deicer. That stopped the problem Now, I carry deicer in my vehicle during the winter months for such occasions as this.