Cold Engine Lockout switch (Thermal blower lockout) 89 Lincoln bypass procedures

Lily White

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I haver had nothing but bad luck with getting my heater to work on the floor position with a cold engine. Heat works fine everywhere else. I replaced the cold engine lockout switch about 3 months ago for the same problem. At first, it worked fine but then performance has degraded to the point where it will either not work or only allow the blower to turn on after a ridiculous amount of driving.

So I plant to bypass the switch. Can someone tell me-in very simple terms---how you do that? I am not a skilled mechanic.

If I bypass the switch, I assume I will have a blower working on all fan speeds while in the floor position, the only difference will be that the air is cold until the engine warns up? Is that correct?




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The little Blower Lockout switch has two vacuum lines and two wires. You can remove the two wires and short them together. That will make the fan come on anytime the switch is on. The vacuum lines can be left on (if not leaking) or easily pull off and shove a couple golf tees in the lines.


Thanks! Operation completed and successful. A shout out to Gadget73 as well. What a stupid little switch, which I replaced previously and it still did not work. Great to have a heater that works on the floor position.