Clockspring issue

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Yesterday I pulled the dash out of my 2009 Lincoln Town Car to change actuators behind the dash. I removed the drivers seat to give me more room to work underneath the dash. I didn’t want to remove the steering wheel because I didn’t want to damage the clockspring. So I lowered the steering wheel to rest on the floor. When I did the steering column slip joint slipped apart and I was unable to line up the splines in the steering wheel shaft reassemble it so I was forced to remove the steering column assembly anyway. In the process of putting the slip joint back together I may have accidentally rotated the clockspring one turn. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to check that the clockspring is centered before I reinstall the steering coulmn? I feel that I haven’t damaged the clock spring YET. But I think if I reassemble everything and drive the car and turn the wheel lock to lock without checking I will definitely damage the clock spring. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for you help.