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Charging System / Battery light


New member
Hey Guys,

Got a 2005 lincoln Ls v8 with the charging system and check parking break notifications going. The battery light comes on after it runs through the diagnostics on the dash.

Been driving it about a month with no problems. seems to really be running well. Just got it through emissions yesterday.

Another thing is i am getting condensation under the trunk where the battery sits. The rest of the trunk is bone dry. My guess is the battery is getting hot or something causing the condensation. its a brand new battery and the alternator supposedly tested good at autozone.

I have seen everything from a fuse to the PCM to Alternator, corroded wires.

Haven't really seen anyone else that had there's running this long with this light on.

Any feedback would be awesome.



Hope you have the hose connected to the new battery? The fumes must exit outside the trunk.
Checking the voltage output of the alternator should be simple. Should show 13.5 to 15.0 volts while idling. There are more in depth checks that can be done under load, like turn on your lights and air cond and rear defroster while checking for voltage drop at idle. Should still show over 13.5 volts.
IF you replace your alternator,only use a Motorcraft/Ford unit.

Cool J

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I have a 2001 LS V8 in the past I had a battery light come on also and come to find out it was a diode in the alternator. I was told I could probaly drive for years to come but decided to switch out the alternator from autozone. Its been around 15 years and still going strong. No problems. On the battery yes you definitly need to have the battery that has the vent for the hose to attach to it.