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Car turned over made a huge knocking noise now just won't turn over


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Hi there I have a 2003 town car signature model 4.6 SOHC engine. I thought it could possibly be the starter but my starter and battery are fine and so is my alternator. I literally just had got done changing my brake pads,. Sat the car back down from the jack and turned it over ran perfectly smooth give back out and turned it over and sounded like a damn bolt went through the engine was absolutely horrifying the noise it made and I turned it off and now I can't figure what the problem is whatsoever. Also do you guys know how I can fix my cigarette lighter because that's not working either. Please respond promptly as I need this thing fixed urgently at the lowest cost possible.... Please and thank you for taking the time to read my post if you did. Have a nice day...


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Leander, TX C.K.U.
Did your car previously make a clatter for a few seconds whenever you first started it? I've heard stories of I think plastic timing chain tensioners or some such that wear out. If the timing chain jumped, I'm not sure what it would sound like, guess that varies. Never heard of anyone describing a TC engine noise/problem like that. Does sound like maybe $$$$ in which case possibly engine swap would be best. Good luck.

One time ages ago with a Ford 260 small block, I had part of a valve break off and stick itself sideways into the top of the piston. Fixed it but it was not fun.


Anybody know of the easiest way to verify that the cams are being driven in their correct positions?

This does sound ominously like a possible timing chain area problem.

Hard to imagine a piston or rod failing at the relatively very low stress levels of slow speed operation, but of course not quite impossible either.

Hopefully this turns out to be something like an alternator self-destructing, there's always hope.


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So it literally has 120,000 miles and I think it is a timing chain it happened right after I started the car and I did used to hear s little clink every now and again I just didn't know what it was and boy do I regret not even thinking about changing the timing chain before. It's literally so much work just to get those things off it's ridiculous...