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Can the 2019 Lincoln Aviator Take Off in the Luxury SUV Market?


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The 2019 Lincoln Aviator flew into the New York International Auto Show this week. Can the sleek, new, rear-wheel drive SUV take off in the luxury segment?

Ford said it would be introducing a number of new SUVs before 2020 and the 2019 Lincoln Aviator landed for its first appearance at the New York International Auto Show. The new luxury medium size SUV promises an upgraded experience as it tries to take off in the premium SUV category, currently occupied by Land Rover, BMW and Mercedes Benz.
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Can the 2019 Lincoln Aviator Take Off in the Luxury SUV Market?


Unlike the earlier Lincoln Aviator, that was just a little upgraded version of the Ford Explorer, the 2019 Lincoln Aviator truly draws stimulation from aviation.The 2019 Lincoln Aviator appears wider at the front, then tapers back in the direction of the rear of the vehicle hope it will be impressive.


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There seems to be very limited information available on the new Aviator. Would have thought Lincoln would be starting to advertise for a June, 2019 release date,