Bring A Cryin Towel Along If you Trade the MKT

We have a beautiful 2010 MKT Elite with only 57K miles, wife has owned 4 years and wants to trade.
So I go to checking trade in value and every dealer says "It's too old we'll give you manhein auction value $9500-$10000.00. This beauty is still like new! I told wife "don't even THINK of trading until we see SIX figures on the ODO THEN we can take 8-10K for it

The year seems to be killing it, this nice Lincoln still has more options than most new vehicles. And with the normally aspirated 3.7 has a lot of life left.

SO...if you try to trade similiar like I did be prepared to be disappointed. They're not stealing OUR lincoln, not for several years.


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That’s not surprising, considering how low the prices are when they’re used. I picked up my ‘14 EcoBoost Elite with Tech, pano roof, captains, 20” wheels and tow hitch with 79k miles for $17,900 this passed October. Original sticker was $56,264.


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Just bought a 2018 almost fully loaded with 21,000 miles for $26,000. Sticker was $55k when new. Both local Lincoln dealers have a brand new one and they have been sitting for a very long time. Didnt check what incentives were but no way I would get a new one anyway. We plan to keep this for a while so not worried about depreciation. See what Carvana and Vroom will offer you.


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NADA clean trade-in ranges from $8,100 to $11,900 in my area, assuming average options. Always check prices online before walking into a dealer, then you'll know what to expect when they show you numbers. The MKT is a glorified Ford Flex/Taurus/Explorer. It's nothing overly special, and it's definitely not a vehicle in high demand. My '14 EcoBoost with 88k miles is worth $13,400 to $17,000 trade-in. I'd expect a dealer to throw $14,500 at me for a trade-in right now. On the right vehicle, they could show me as much as $20,000. It's all a numbers game.

It amazes me how people are offended by trade-in numbers, when the power of the internet is obviously within reach.

If you want a vehicle that holds value, an American luxury brand isn't it. My '06 Volvo XC90 V8 with 196,000 miles is still worth about $7,000 retail ($3,500 trade-in), and it was about $51,000 new.


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In Colorado, where I stay, older Subarus, for vape pen/420 friendly folks... keep holding value.. Prius left lane hogs are less prominent than a older Subaru hogging the left lane and if you follow for a while and dont smell green stuff, it feels unnatural! Jeeps Wranglers and Subaru outbacks are the norm for Colorado and keep holding value.. ! The worst depreciation is British cars... Jaguar/land rover products.. Lincoln Buicks are still better off in comparison to them althought much higher.

The MKT is specially bad for losing value because Lincoln never tried to market it and people never understood it.. this eventually reduced their demand overall and dealers/auctions/KBB and equivalent sites have driven the prices down.

Frankly, its a car which loses Price more than "Value" to an owner and you will only regret it when you have to trade it in sooner than it deserves to be replaced.
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