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brake booster with advance track no warning


Junior Member
I have somewhat of a gripe I bought the my 02 LS sport from a used car guy and new it had a mushy pedal but the motor was smooth and unusually fast I made reservations for other repairs that needed attention like the window regulators and sway links ….. I bled the system a few times but the peddle would return mushy after a short time the last time I took it out last year it ran surprisingly great to Walgreens but when returning home it started to act crappy and when I hit the brakes they were hard as a rock to realize I had no hydraulics at all :/ …. I limped home to find there was hardly anything in the reservoir and the car did not even give me a warning light !!! …. im glad I wasnt on the highway ….this year I started it up recently as well filled my reservoir and now I can hear vacuum hissing noises from the booster as well my brakes are still frozen stiff at the pedal …… im replacing the unit and wondering if its been my problem that is not enough vacuum to sport a sport

the booster is a little bit of a reach to get out but I did get it out and it has a lot of fluid in it im looking for a diagram of the wire color codes to probe back possibly anyone got a diagram or schematic post a pic or pdf