Battery Light On, Traction, ABS, BRAKE! illuminate at high rpm.

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2003 Lincoln Town Car. 147,000 miles. About a month ago, it stopped recognizing the key fob (confirmed to be transmitting), using the key to open door didn't necessarily cancel the alarm. Alternator 4 months old, confirmed to be charging. New battery less than 4 months old. Last two weeks randomly displays traction, brake, ABS, and battery light while driving. ABS may be related to damaged toothed ring on left rear axle parking brakes came apart. Rear brake pads, parking brake shoes & hardware, calipers, and rotors have been replaced. Battery was dead yeste(rday. Got is started, charged, noted that battery light comes on a few seconds after starting event though battery voltage indicates it is charging; then traction, ABS, and BRAKE! light come on at elevated engine rpm, then go out again when engine drops to idle. Alternator fuse is good. Battery all charged up yesterday evening - dead again this morning. Can a bad PCM cause all this?

Edit: Scan at AutoZone comes up empty - no check engine or ABS codes.
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