Back end sags

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Hello I was just wondering if anybody could help me my Lincoln Town car just makes a loud buzzing noise when I start it and my back end is very very low to the ground like I'm in a lowrider I don't know if it shocks or what but can anybody tell me what I need to do to fix it and get it back up cuz it's almost scary to drive cuz I'm so low to the ground 1996 Lincoln Continental and it says in the center counter check ride control 16195332558364446833475628660545.jpg


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you have a air bag blown or a air line to the bag, they sell conversion kits that replace the air ride with shocks and springs. mine has the conversion and rides smooth. in the trunk on the right side you will see a switch that will turn off the system so you don't burn up your compressor if you want to fix it


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As was already stated, you have an air leak in your suspension system.
The sound you are hearing when you start the car is most likely the air compressor running, trying to pressurize the rear air bags and raise the car.
Turn that switch in the trunk off - to prevent the air compressor from running and burning up.

Find, and repair the air leak if you want to keep the air ride suspension. Most likely the air bags are worn out and leaking.
You can also do away with the air suspension, and replace the rear air bags with standard type coil springs.
Do a web search – there are plenty of videos addressing the problems and repairs of Lincoln air suspension systems, and switching over to coil springs.