Aviator Replacement

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UPDATE: My Aviator is still in the shop, day 30. The service department called and said they solved the problem and scheduled a day for me to pick it up. Nice and shiny I drove it out and had to turn back due to a transmission issue, unrelated to the original problem of the screen blackout. As far as the buy back, Lincoln approved it and I have chosen tge replacement option. Yesterday I ordered a 2022 Aviator, which may be built in about 4 months according to Lincoln. That may change since production has ramped up again. The process so far has been smooth. The question I have is Lincoln tells me I would need to refinance my current auto loan and add any difference between both MSRP's and the usage cost. My bank said that Lincoln would have to payoff the existing loan and then I can have a new loan for the new car. Anyone experienced this process?