Auto Stop/Start Malfunctioning

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Having issues with Auto Stop/Start feature, anyone else having them?
About three or so weeks after purchasing, our MKC it shut off (in rush hour bumper to bumper traffic) and displayed an error message that "auto start was not available, manual restart required".
Put the truck in park and restarted and continued on...
That particular day, it failed twice on the way to work, and once on the way home. Disabling switch on dash remedied the issue temporarily, but of course that must be set each time you restart your vehicle. After a few more days of driving with increasingly more frequent failures, we took it in to our dealer to have it looked at. There was a several day delay in getting it in because of the lack of a suitable loaner vehicle.
After a couple of days we got it back, dealer said the fix was to re-flash the computer with updated programming, return it to customer and if the problem persisted replace the computer. (I assume they're talking about the PCM).
Well after about a month of trouble free driving the issue started again. Currently waiting on a call back from our dealer to schedule the truck back into the shop. BTW, it is a 2019 MKC Reserve, 2.0T, AWD with less than 5k miles.
Also, the dealership has been very responsive to our concerns and actually has been pretty forthcoming with information related to our issue. They also were a little embarrassed when the loaner MKZ left us stranded with a dead battery, but that's a whole different story!
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