Android Auto


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Hey Folks

Has anyone else had issues with Android Auto on the 2019 Navigator?

My issue: Android Auto starts when the vehicle starts and then disappears 30-60 seconds later.

This happens on a Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, and OnePlus 8 Pro.

All three of those phones work fine with Android Auto in a 2018 Continental.

I have done the usual

Re-installed the Android Auto Software
Reset Sync 3 System
Latest firmware (maybe there's a way to roll back?)
Tried different USB-C cables (Google branded)

I've never had an issue with Android Auto before, and I get the feeling my dealer doesn't like the idea of troubleshooting it.

If anyone has any additional ideas, I look forward to reading them.


Are you talking about the screen going black? Mine has done it a few times. I think I have traced it to if I leave the phone plugged in between starts. Try plugging the phone in after you start up.