Airbag code 18 2007 Towncar

Hi there, I just replaced the floor mode actuator and my defrost/panel mode actuator.
Thanks to member Town who had instructions on the forum as well as a lot of other info.

I've got it mostly back together but now I have a code 18 air bag error.
I'm guessing it's something I did.

Does anyone know what a LFC of 18 means?


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Welcome to the Forum.

LFC 1-8 is the PAD Warning Lamp Circuit Failure. The PAD is the Passenger Airbag Disable light. So a bulb failure or a circuit problem such as not connected or similar. So it is possible that the PAD light connection is loose, or the PAD module has a connection problem. It is possible but unlikely the Restraints Control Module (RCM) has a problem.

The LFC 1-8 is flashed due to a DTC B1884 on the Lincoln Town Car but may be a different LFC on other Ford products. You will be able to find additional info on the internet, too numerous to list here.

Attached is the procedure for the PAD light showing the connection that may be loose or not connected. The PAD module is in behind the instrument panel and I will try to get it if the lamp connection does not fix the problem.

Good luck.


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