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I want to convert the airbags to coils on my 2007 Lincoln town car and wanted to know if I do that is there away to permanently shut off the check air suspension light off in the message center permanently.


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Portland, OR
Not accurate.

For 1998-Present: The 'Check Air Suspension' light cannot be disabled without a FoMoCo Programmer. Some dealers may perform this for you at a cost, most will not as they don't know how.

I also found this posted at from an owner of a 2003: "I found the way to keep the computer system happy and turn off the air suspension warning light. You simply remove the link between the rear cross member and the ride height switch. Then while viewing the trim height PID you adjust the switch so the computer is seeing 2.80 volts and secure the sensor in that position with metal safety wire, zip ties, or epoxy putty. Now turn on the trunk air suspension switch and the system thinks the vehicle is sitting at the correct height and never tries to adjust it. Your air compressor will never be engaged again. Works great."

Another trick that has had success on a 2009 Lincoln Town Car: Remove the arm on the ride height sensor and lock it in the middle to where it reads approximately 2.8 volts.