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I'm not sure why my air compressor for the air ride isn't working. The other day I came out to the car sitting low in the back right so I checked the shocks and they were very worn so I ordered new ones and put them in. After that I lowered the car so it sat down a little bit but didnt want to lower it to far and I turned the air ride back on and the compressor didnt come on when I turned the key. So I thought it was the compressor because it's been trying to keep up with the leak so I just replaced the compressor and it's still not working. So I'm guessing it has to be something electrical but I'm not sure what else to look at I have been looking threw threads but haven't had any luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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I assume you have a ‘97 to ’02 Continental.
And I also assume the wiring would be the same for all these years with rear air suspension only.)
(The wiring schematic I have is for an ‘02 Continental.)

Check that the connector to the new compressor is firmly attached.

Check the fuse and relay that power the compressor.

Under the hood, 60 amp fuse F1.11 is the power source the relay passes on to the compressor motor.
The compressor relay is a solid state relay that may have reached the end of it’s life.
Try to jumper 12 VDC+ directly to the pin on the compressor that has the 10 Ga violet wire with an orange stripe. Don’t use a real thin wire for the jumper, and just touch it to the pin for a second or two to see if the compressor turns.
If it does and the fuse is good then the relay may be bad.

Since the vehicle dynamic module in the trunk is what turns the relay on and off, if the module is going bad then it may not be turning the relay on and off.
Good luck.
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