Age range of TC Owners


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Already warned the wife my next one will be a 60s or 70s lincoln.
A friend of mine had bought a Mark III that was destinied to be sunk in the San Francisco Bay for some kind of police diver training. He was storing it at his folks' house in Petaluma, North of San Francisco (we both lived in Reno at the time). He had the intention of selling it to me later, though his folks and him ended up selling it to another Lincoln guy that has been restoring it.

Point being, a Mark III is definitely on the list. I also have a fancy for the Later 70's Town Car Coupe


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Ohio, US
I got my first TC about 2 weeks ago, fell in love with it, and I'm 27. My interest in Lincolns started early though as my grandad kept a 38 and a 56 Continental in his garage that he never got around to properly restoring. As a kid I would marvel at how big they were and how good they looked, despite being a bit beat up and not running.


I keep looking for a nice late model (2003+) TC...but not in a rush to buy yet. The ‘02 Crown Vic is still running OK as my daily driver but I am certain the next ride will be a TC.

I also have my eye out for a nice ‘97-‘98 Mark VIII. Several decent ones for sale on the web but prices on those are more than I want to pay without seeing them first!


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I bought my 1st panther car at 65. It was an 09 Grand Marquis. Last week (age 70), I bought an 07 TC with 31k miles. God bless America and the Panther platform.
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