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Aftermarket trailer wiring harness causing issues.


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Altoona, PA
Hey all. I noticed something odd the other day, and though I’d share, just in case anyone runs into a similar issue.

When stopped behind another vehicle, I discovered my parking lights were on (I keep them set to auto). When I released the brake, the lights turned off. This set me on a frantic search to find the issue, as I really don’t need electrical problems right now.

I decided to start playing around with the aftermarket wiring harness. Something told me to start with the right side taillight. Sure enough, disconnecting the harness, and plugging the light in directly, solved the problem.

I’d disconnect it, but I have to tow a small trailer today, so I’m hoping it works well enough for today, until I can get a replacement wiring harness.

So, if you have an aftermarket wiring harness for your tow hitch, and you notice any odd behavior with the lights, start there first.