Aftermarket Radio Advice


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OK. I have a 2006 Lincoln LS and it has the Double Din radio and THX sound system... and by today's standards, the performance sucks. I got the car last year and one of the rear speakers must be blow as I have to completely remove the bass to make it listenable. And the CD player does not work.
Anyway, what do you all suggest? Do I get the OEM radio repaired (easier to put back in, no threat of theft) or do I get an aftermarket wit 100x the functionality? If I get aftermarket, has someone done the homework on a good converting wiring harness? Does it maintain the steering wheel controls? Any suggestions on head units?
Also I've heard of aftermarket antennas that sit in the trunk(?) My current antenna has ZERO AM signal and FM goes static if I turn on the rear defrost. It's really annoying.
Anyway thanks for any advise. Looking forward to being part of the community. When the car is mechanically sound, I love my '06 V8.