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Adaptive Headlights on 2018 MKX


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I traded my 2013 MKX for a new 2018 MKX...on the 2013, the headlight did exactly what the manual said, on startup, they swept left, then right, then centered and when driving around corner, they pivoted. While the 2018 manual says the same thing.....its wrong.....I ordered the expensive stereo/adaptive headlight package assuming the headlight would do the same...NOT. With a lot of conversation at the dealership amongst themselves, the shop foreman printed off the shop manual. Adaptive LED headlights mean that the lights do not move, the outer bulbs brighten in intensity when the steering wheel is turned at night.. To be truthful, I notice no increased brightness. So.....don't expect any difference AND its really too bad the manual writers can"t get their facts straight (I guess they copy the majority of info from the previous years manual, perpetuating the same misinformation)
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