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ABS / Advancetrac Warning - after series of clicking from front end.


Junior Member
orlando, fl
When I first start driving, a series of clicking starts to happen in front end. (sounds like front right). The ABS and Advancetrac warning comes on and the clicking stops. Everything seems fine after that. Runs and brakes smooth but, warning is still on. Also, the advancetrac button lights up, like it's on.

I checked the brake pads, thinking that possibly they were wore and the calipers were extending too far, but, they were fine.

thanks in advance.

2004 Lincoln LS8


Thoroughly inspect all suspension parts. Does it click steadily or just on small bumps,irregularities in road's surface? A bad link can click like crazy.
Dirt on the sensor or bad sensor or bad connection can cause anti-lock code.