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Howdy, me and friend have been looking at a 74 town car and it currently is a no start from the key, i bypassed the solenoid and it ran perfect, but still is unable to crank from the key, with no click from solenoid. Now im not sure if these Lincolns have a firewall or fender relay like a lot of fords but there is this.
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currently I'm leaning towards a cut off switch but, I'm just not sure.
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These are actually rare as most people took them off... this is an ignition switch safety belt interlock. Mandated by federal law on 1974-75 cars sold in the US, it requires the user to sit in the car, buckle up and turn on the ignition - in that order! I had a 1975 Pontiac Grand Prix that still had a functional system in it. There was a sensor under the driver's seat that kept track of the order (in other words, you couldn't just permanently buckle the seat belt and just sit on it and try to start the car). I never disabled it because I always wear a seat belt. If I took the seat belt off after I started the car, the car would continue to run but the fasten seat belt light on the dash would light up and a beeper would go off indefinitely until the belt was buckled again. In some cars it was a buzzer. Same for the front passenger. That button in your picture should allow for one unbuckled start and was placed there in case of failure of the system so the driver could get the car started and not be stranded because of a problem in the system.

So: 1) get in 2) buckle up and 3) then start the car. Once the car is started, I'd be interested in what happens in the Lincoln when you unbuckle. If I remember correctly, there were slight differences in the law in 1974 and 75. The public hated it so much at the time the law was changed so that cars from 76 on just had the fasten seat belt light come on for a few seconds after you started your car. Just recently, the law was changed so on new cars the light stays on if you don't buckle up and will chime at you if you continue to drive without buckling up.

You should be able to disable the system if you desire by unplugging the seat sensors under each front seat.