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A/C blows thru defrost and floor vents. will not blow air thru Dash Vents. 2006 Town Car 195,000 miles


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Lots of good information on this site. I ran diagnostic on the etac unit and have code: 1263 and 1264. Codes indicate panel/defrost door short failure and floor door short/failure. Is there a possibility that it is the etac failing?, or does this indicate parts under the dash board?
Any help would be appreciated.


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Leander, TX C.K.U.
I haven't had to deal with it yet, but blend door failures seem to be common on these cars as they age. Inexpensive parts but labor intensive as the dash must be pulled. Sometimes folks who want to keep their cars a long time will do some pre-emptive stirkes while the dash is off like replacing other blend doors or the heater core. Good luck.


I observed when turning the ignition key to one position one of the blend door motor's will rotate around 20-30 deg. The blend door was the one accessible on the upper left side of passenger foot area. For temporary purposes I wonder if turning the ignition key on/off will open the blend door and then allow you to disconnect the motor's electrical connector after air is blowing out a more desired vent.