99 TC vs. @ 01 Dodge Ram PU truck.

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I haven't had my (or rather, my wife's) '99 TCC but for about a week, but I drove it to work today for the first time since the kids were off for President's day. The ride in was great, much smoother than my usual drive in my '00 Jeep Grand Cherokee (2WD). Avoided a near collision with a deer easily, and re-set my avg fuel mileage and realized "Hey I'm getting like 23mpg in this thing!" which is 3-4 mpg better than I get in my Jeep that only has the tried and true bulletproof Jeep inline 6 cylinder...So first rattle out of the box I'm impressed with that.

Then this afternoon I'm on the way home, just getting on the ramp to get onto the main highway and there's this extended cab dodge truck that gets up right beside me and won't let me get into the lane....About the time I realize "Hey this guy is about to run me off the road because he thinks I'm some old coot that's going to be driving 50 in a 70mph zone", he punches it and gets about a half a car length in front of me. Now, ordinarilly I'm not interested in having to prove my manhood by showing how my car can beat your car's ass in a drag race to the end of the on-ramp but in this case I've never really shown myself what this car is capable of so I floored it. In the space of a few hundred feet of on-ramp I not only over-take him but I gain about a car length on him and still have plenty of on-ramp left before I'd be forced to use the emergency lane so I lazily click my blinker twice and move over, watching him flipping me the old single finger salute in my rear view mirror. I give him a nice wave ( A REAL wave, not the rod) and continue on towards my destination, the whole time smiling about how cool it was to have just rolled that guy up like that..."Hah! You got a hemi in that buddy?!" Yeah, Hemi.....MY ASS.

At the next stop light a few miles up the road the guy pulls up beside me and never, not once does he ever look over in my direction. Yeah.......He knew. His little hopped up Goat just got tore up by an "old man's car". Oh yeah by the way, my fuel mileage dropped after that from 23mph to 22.8mph. Totally worth it.