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98 Town Car For Sale - NH


New member
Update: I hit a deer on 10/17, see picture. Sheet metal damage. No leaks.

1998 Town car, 4.6 v8, auto, 104k miles. It has Presidential Edition badges on it. Runs good. Was driven daily till the plates ran out in October. Lots of recent work done to car but will need some tlc for a NH sticker. Drivers side rocker needs to be patched. Rear tires need to be replaced, 2 decent tires included with sale. Recently developed an exhaust leak. Other issues; Check engine came on for some kind of evap leak recently. Drivers seat wont move forward.
Sold with bill of sale, no title.

May part out if there is enough interest.

$600 obo.

Will Trade for a working yard/plow truck, snowmobile, 4 wheeler, firewood or something interesting.

Located in Rumney, NH