97 Continental Steering and Suspension Issues

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Hello everyone, I have a 97 Continental with 145k miles. Three years ago, after having the car towed for a broken tie rod, the power steering and air suspension stopped working. The problem (I was told) was corroded wiring to the control module over the trunk that runs the power steering and air suspension. A couple weeks ago, I had the car towed again after the brake lines rusted out, and now it has the same problem again - no power steering and no air suspension. I don't know if the tow truck driver turned off the air suspension switch in the trunk, but it was off when I got the car back. Turning it on does nothing. I find it hard to believe the wires would have corroded again. Seems way too coincidental that wiring fails each time it gets towed...
Anyone else have this problem before?


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It sounds like a problem with the vehicle dynamic module and/or it’s wiring, located in the trunk.
This module controls the air suspension and the power steering solenoid.

With a history of corroded wiring and rusted out brake lines, there can be many causes for the loss of the vehicle dynamic module.
You need to make sure you have the proper 12VDC from the fuses back to the module, and good grounds.
A wiring schematic is a big help in troubleshooting.

As I recall there are at least two fuses that feed the module, and one or two ground points where corrosion can build up.
Electrical connectors and any bare/loose/exposed wires can also be corroded. Also, the contacts in the air suspension switch can be corroded or stuck together.
Tap the switch and try cycling it on and off a few times.
Pull the connector off the module and clean the contacts and check the wires.
If that doesn’t work then you will need the wiring schematic to check out the wiring from the trunk up to the front.
It can also be that the module itself is failing.
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