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this was about a year ago when I still had the Mark. My ride to and from work is on a 6 lane road with stop lights a miles or so apart. One day I pulled to a light and next to me is a pizza faced kid and his buddy in a camaro of some 90's vintage (all bowties look the same to me) Looking to my right and left as i do at every light i could see the kid point at my car and laughing with his buddy. Well the lite turns green and he squeals the tires or more like squeaks the tire and gets a length or two on me. Well i feed the beast and catch him as we accelerate to about 70 then back off for the next light and traffic. Well don't you know we happen to be side by side at the next light. He looks a lot more serious now and has both hands high on the wheel. I reach over with one hand A/C off check, traction control off check, right foot on the brake left on the gas check.

Well this time the light turns green, the Mark does it dance the back end squats the front rises and off i go within 4 or 5 seconds i'm doing over 70. the camera is in my rear view. Off the gas and coast to the next light. kid pulls up on theater side so he doesn't have to see me I guess, meanwhile his buddy is laughing his ass off.

Score one for the Mark zero for the bow tie.

As the light turns green Let him go and see the 2.8 sticker in the rear bumper Oh boy I guess he got his education there is no replacmentfor displacement!!!!!


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Baylensman, thank you for sharing. Sounds remarkably similar to a situation that I had with my Mark VII LSC back in the 90s. The teens are thinking an old man in an old mans car. They don’t realize the Mustang GT drivetrain under the skin.

gotta love that Hot Rod Lincoln !

Lincoln Lad

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I hear ya loud and clear! My MK VIII , I call Zori, LOVES the Dodge Chargers! These kids don't realize what lurks under the hood of a MK VIII do they? The 280-hp 4.6 litre 32-valve quad-cam V8 has smoked the doors off Chargers every chance I get! I remember the first one I had for lunch. This kid is poppin' his Dodge Charger back and forth at a traffic light - I only looked at him with my peripheral vision. The light changed I CHOMPED my hair-trigger accelerator and the next thing I saw (and it was hard to see as far ahead of him as I was) is a faint silhouette of his grille in my rear-view mirror!

I'd let him think he was going to catch up with me - then I'd CHOMP the accelerator again. I had him once again but my "Escort" went off so I knew to slow down to the speed limit...oops, I guess he didn't have one because when I finally caught up with him and he was on the side of the road featured with a ticket!!! (See, I have brains and common sense in action!) I don't know why , Dodge Chargers sense something about a Lincoln MK VIII so they have to be shown just what a car like this will do. Mine has a few tricks. On the outside its a classy shiny black luxury coupe - but under the hood beats the heart of a beast!

So beware Dodge Charger, Chevy Camaro - a MK VIII is the bully that will not only take your lunch it will also eat it right there in front of you!!!!