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Lincoln Forum: How does one reset TPMS sensors on MKS with push-button start? HELP PLEASE!!
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    Europe vs. Iraq

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    Europe vs. Iraq

    surely we have the technology to make a bus RUN OVER the guy in Iraq, do we not???:naughty:

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    Europe vs. Iraq


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    Europe vs. Iraq

    I vote for the Iraqi. The European guy was just a tard and shouldn\'t have a car.

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    Europe vs. Iraq

    +1 for the bicycle...

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    Europe vs. Iraq

    [quote name=\'68Stang\']I vote for the Iraqi. The European guy was just a tard and shouldn\'t have a car.[/QUOTE]

    +1 :dead:

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    I realize that this thread is old, but I'll post my experience so others may be able to learn from it.

    When I bought my car, I ended up replacing a couple of the wheels because they had curb rash. That meant reprogramming the TPMS system. The guy at Discount Tire was unable to figure out how to do it and suggested that I may need to take the car to the dealer. Not gonna happen!

    The biggest problem is that cars with a push button start, just like cars with a key, they have 2 different modes of powering the car without starting it - Accessory mode and Ignition mode. If you just tap the button (foot off brake), you will turn on the Accessory mode. To program the TPMS, you need to enter the Ignition mode. Just like turbodave said above, press and hold the start button (foot off brake) until the car comes on. The press again to turn off. I don't remember the exact sequence, but I think that you have to do this 3 times (with the third one leaving the car on), then tap the brake again. The horn will chirp and the message center will say program left front tire. Use the TPMS program tool to program each wheel, and then you should be good.

    I also recommend turning off the easy entry to keep the seat and steering column from cycling every time you turn the car on and off.


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