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79 Mark V acceleration stalling/dying

Hey everybody! My 79 Lincoln has been giving me some major fits when accelerating. Anytime from a dead stop, slowing down then pressing the gas, and turning then pressing the gas, my car just stumbles and almost dies. Sometimes it even will die. It’s intermittent which I don’t understand! I’ve replaced many of the ignition components and it hasn’t resolved. The car otherwise runs fantastic and has a very smooth idle.
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Hi Malexander. Sorry I can't help Internet diagnose the stumbling issue with your Mark V. However, I would advise you remove your phone number from your post and just have people respond directly to your post. Making your phone number public over the Internet is usually not a good idea (my opinion).

Anyway...just a recommendation. I hope you can find a solution to your issue and good luck.
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I don't think this forum is the right one for your issue. You will be better to post in this forum: Lincoln Continental Mark / LSC Series which has enthusiasts with a similar car to yours and may well have come across your issue. I am sure you will find an answer.

You may want to identify your engine and anything that you may have changed leading up to this issue. About how long has this been going on.

Good luck
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