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67 Lincoln Continental carburetor


New member
Looking for recommendations for a carburetor for my 67 Lincoln continental. It has a 460 in her and looking for a high performance carburetor that will marry well with the car. Anybody had success with theirs, I would like to hear experiences. ( pros and cons) Thank you.


I'm thinking this this might be a case of "be careful what you ask for", so I would consider that acarburetor described as high-performance might be better suited to an engine that has other mods in support of making power at higher rpm than the stock engine.

Basically, a larger carburetor might not back up the lower-rpm torque potential of your engine if it still has a stock camshaft.

Maybe what you want is a more modern carburetor(?) that combines modern features with proper-sized primaries for your (stock?) engine while also featuring improved breathing performance via larger, vacuum-operated secondaries, which helps get the best of both worlds from the old engine.

All that said, the pre-'73 460 engine can be tuned for higher output, even used for racing, with the right selection of bolt-ons. It's a great motor for a heavier car!