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Lincoln Forum: Adjustable foot pedal stuck
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    hotrodllsc Guest

    Is it Bad

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    When the restaurant you are eating at has the Channel Five news crew come in with cameras and start busting them up for multiple critical health code violations? Then they tell the news crew that they can not look to see if the health code violations are up to par? If anybody is wondering this was at Fortune Star next to Fuel at 119th and Metcalf. We finished our food (which was delicious) payed and left.

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    imported_Tubby Guest

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    Haha, makes me glad I make my own food...

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    BlueByU Guest

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    You paid?! :wtf:

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    SeventyCutlass S Guest

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    [quote name=\'BlueByU\']You paid?! :wtf:[/QUOTE]

    lol yeah, with all the comotion i would have booked it outta there with leaving a tip for the waitor

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    hotrodllsc Guest

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    Meh, the food was still good. What doesn\'t kill us makes us stronger. In fact, I wanted to run up to the news crew, put some food in my mouth and say \"what doesn\'t kill us makes us stronger\" And walk away.

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    68Stang Guest

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    You should have fallen into a seizure and foamed at the mouth!

    One of my very good friends is a county health inspector. She lets me know where not to eat.

    Let\'s put it this way, when an establishment gets an:

    A - It\'s at least as clean as she keeps her kitchen and she keeps it remarkably clean. It\'s unbelievable.
    B - Clean as the average kitchen.
    C - We\'re approaching bachelor pad status if not past it, it\'s getting pretty bad.
    F - I\'d rather eat off the floor of a neglected frat house after a semester\'s worth of partying and missed cleaning duties.

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    Mar 2013
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    I know this is an old post but I wanted to let you guys know that I have the fix for this problem. A year or so ago I bought a Marauder and the pedals did not move. I tore them apart and figured out that the gear inside the pedal assembly is the culprit. I manufactured a gear out of brass that permanently fixed the issue. So I did some research and found that the gear in the Expeditions and Navigators does the same thing. It looks exactly like the one in the Panther Platform, but the internal thread is different. We are having a custom tap made to make the correct gear for these trucks. We should have one ready in a couple of weeks.


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