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Lincoln Forum: 2012 Navagation
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Thread: 2012 Navagation

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    May 2018

    2012 Navagation

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    New Owner (Love the Ride)
    I bought the car but it didn't have a sd card for the Navagation
    I can get an sd card off of ebay
    Is this all I need to do for my Navagation to work?
    Stick the sd card in it works? or is there more to it than that?

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    Oct 2012
    Fort Worth, TX
    That's all there is to it if the system is working. Don't trust SD cards from Ebay; they can contain malware. I ordered the A9 update from a few days ago. $149 plus shipping and tax. I'll be selling my OEM A8 SD card when I get the new one. PM me if you're interested.

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    May 2018
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    The Dealership I bought it from called me today. I went by and picked up the sd card.
    I told them when I bought the X if they couldn't give me a card I didn't want it.
    Anyway the card I got is an A-6, plugged it in and works like a charm
    I'm assuming the 6 is a 2016 and the 8 is a 2018
    Thanks for the reply, I'm going to see how this one works out for now
    if you still have it later on I might be interested


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