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Lincoln Forum: Coolant in spark plug well
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    Coolant in spark plug well

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    Hello, I am new to the site.

    I have a 2001 LS, V8 with about 170K miles, it has mostly been a good car. About a year ago I started to see coolant in the spark plug well of cylinder 3 (car missed badly). I added some stop leak and dried out the well which fixed the problem, but in the process it plugged up the heater solenoid control valves. Since I live in sunny California, I did not notice the lack of heat until winter. I replaced the solenoid valves and flushed the coolant. Of course, the leak is back. I pulled off the intake manifold and everything looks dry, no leaks anywhere. One odd thing I noticed is that all the ports on the manifold and the engine have a thin lining of a shiny wet film, kind of like you see on carburetor throttle bodies, except for the ports related to cylinder 3. Those are bone dry.
    I suspect I have a cracked cylinder head, in which case the car will probably be sacrificed. Does anybody have an explanation for what I am seeing?



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