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Lincoln Forum: 1997 Towncar Self-Dimming Inside Rear View Mirror Has Double Images
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    1997 Towncar Self-Dimming Inside Rear View Mirror Has Double Images

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    Does anyone have any words of wisdom for this one? The mirror can be adjusted so that a small area of the mirror glass only reflects one image, but not the whole mirror at once. Even then, when you move your face only slightly, the double image is back. I'm thinking maybe the circuit of the self-dimming mechanism has gone bad. The image also seems to have a sepia tone.

    I've looked for a replacement without any luck except for used ones. Buying used would be a gamble in this case in my opinion. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Sounds like you need a new mirror or mirror glass. I have not found a glass replacement so far, but replacement mirrors have different features, so what features does your mirror have? New auto dimming ones are about 100 or so, but adding compass will double the price it appears. I have tried to check for compatibility with other year Town Car but with no success so far. A wrecker will have compatibility charts.

    If you can find a good one at a wrecker it will likely have a warranty. It should be easy to change at the place of business to ensure it appears to work correctly.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the advice. My compass is built into the instrument panel, and the only thing I need is the automatic dimming feature. Everything in the mirror appears darker than it should, so I'm not sure if the glass is all I need. It may be electronic.

    If miles has anything to do with the failure, the car only has 83,000 miles. I bought it new. However, I'm sure age factors into the picture also, especially with the car being ungaraged all its life. Hot summer temperatures in the deep south in the sunshine has not been kind to the car in general.

    If I can find a compatible used mirror, I will try it, depending on the price of course.


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