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Lincoln Forum: An old Lincoln fan!
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    Apr 2018

    An old Lincoln fan!

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    Loved Lincolns way back to the 60's! Those were the glory days. Had a '65 T-bird once when young. I know, mearly a Ford. But a nice Ford! Anyway, just bought my MKZ. A 2012 specifically because it is the last of the first generation. An honest North American car. Which means Fix Often, Repair Daily. But the car was cheap to buy, is cheap to maintain and is reliable. And I LOVE the interior.

    Yes, I am an Old Guy. I have had dozens of cars. Both domestic and foreign. Who knows the difference these days. And who cares. And is this Lincoln really a Lincoln! All that matters to this guy is that I like it.

    Larry A

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    Town is offline Senior Member My Lincoln(s): 2017 Lincoln Continental Reserve 2.7 AWD; 2007 Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited (sold)
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    Welcome to the Forum.

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    Welcome from another old guy. I had an '08 MKZ; now have a '13 MKS. Like them both.


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