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Lincoln Forum: Moonroof leak so headliner needs dropped.
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    Talking Moonroof leak so headliner needs dropped.

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    Water has dripped into the front pocket of the driver's door storage and if left unattended can drown the electronics,kill the dash and generally wreak havoc!
    The moonroof has gutters with hoses off each corner that conduct any water that gets by the glass panel, down thru the A pillars and rear pillars onto the street.
    These hoses can break or usually pull loose,especially the front ones. So later this AM I will start the removal of the visors,mirror,overhead storage tray,A pillar covers, and I'll lower the headliner at the moon roof. Wish me success,people! don-ohio

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    Got er done today! The job was difficult for my thick hands, but I spliced in an inch of hose where hose had pulled off the nipple and it's good to go. I also used 3 screw clamps to prevent a repeat of the prob.
    The three headliner Velcros toward the rear of the moonroof had let loose,so I epoxied the Velcro back onto the headliner. Poured water thru it and it works. Got all the trim back on and hoping for the best. Can't let that leak into the FEM module. People have lost their dashboard and headlights,etc. because of the front left corner leak. NOW I'm ready for that rain tomorrow. don-ohio


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