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Lincoln Forum: 1985 towncar timing problems
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    1985 towncar timing problems

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    I am at a brick wall with this town car at the moment.. its a 1985 with the 5.0 TBI engine. the base timing is set at 10* BTDC. with the sprout disconnected.. and the car will run and idle fine does smell rich though
    once the sprout wire is reconnected the ECM will advance the timing to about 20* BTDC. but then ALL HELL breaks lose after about 2 minutes the engine will start shaking and misfiring almost sounds like it stops hitting on all 8 cylinders. I just got this car bought it off a old lady it had been sitting for a while. before she parked it she had a new Distributor installed I'm assuming since its the only Shiny clean thing on that engine. I put new spark plugs and wires on it. I'm starting to suspect who ever did the distributor put it in wrong or maybe the TFI is failing. the TFI module seems to be missing a screw or they over tightened it because it is definitely is not sitting tight against the distributor housing. I do have a scan tool I haven't used since I owned my 91 mark VII. and when I scan the ECM I get the code 18 KOER (sprout circuit open or spark angle word failure) Does anyone know what could be the issue here.

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    You may want to post this thread in the Town Car forum here: where you will find some more experienced eyes on your car. Just copy and paste.

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    thank you sorry I'm new to this site and trying to figure it all out thanks for the link

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