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Lincoln Forum: 1997 Continental power seat switch - passenger side
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    Oct 2014

    1997 Continental power seat switch - passenger side

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    I think I need to either clean or replace the passenger side seat switch on my 1997 Continental. At least that's what I assume the problem is.

    Seat reclines, but won't come back up. Motor seems to be perfectly functional. My understanding is that recline / return uses the same motor and the switch simply reverses the polarity.

    Is this correct?

    Can someone point me to some instructions on how to remove the switch?

    Does the door panel have to come off? If so, is there a video somewhere showing how to do this? I'm nervous about damagine the door panel.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    The door panel would have to come off to replace the switch.
    I’m not familiar with the ’97 but, most door panels are not too hard to remove.
    They are held on by fingers around the edge of the panel that go into slots on the door frame.
    It might take a little effort to pry them loose. There may also be a few screws that have to be removed.
    They are usually found around and/or under the panel edges, and in the door pull recess, or in the map pocket recess.
    When I have to remove a panel I’m not familiar with, I try to find one for sale on ebay, and blow up the picture of the rear of the panel that shows the location of the fingers.


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