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Lincoln Forum: Hello everybody! New member here
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    Hello everybody! New member here

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    Hi guys thanks for making this forum and allowing me to become a member. I currently drive a 2000 Lincoln Continental. I am currently a community college student in San Diego, California studying Electrical Engineering. I completed the technical training that E.C.C. provides in automotive technology. I managed to pass the ASE A6 Test. My Continental is one comfortable ride, and I believe it does provide a lot of protection but it is a gas guzzler. Current problems with it is that it keeps overheating, and bleeding the air out is a tedious process.

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    Congratulations on your academic success.

    You may get some practical help for your Continental in this forum: which will have more experienced owners of the same car. Sounds like you may have an air lock causing the overheating in the first place. Do you have a coolant fill process that includes steps to eliminate air lock? Does your heater work properly?

    Good luck.

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    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here.

    In addition to Town's thoughts regarding your overheating issue, you may also want to make sure your cooling fan is operating properly, same with your thermostat. If those both check out fine, it may be a partially plugged radiator, or even as bad as a blown head gasket.

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    You have to remember your car is 18 years old.
    A lot of things like thermostats, fans, hoses, water pumps, and radiators may need attention.
    I haven’t had to touch the cooling system on my ‘02 Continental yet.
    But from what I’ve read, following the procedure in the service manual is the best and easiest way to get it purged.
    Another thought is to get one of those pressure/vacuum kits that force all the air out of the system.

    Good luck with your Electrical Engineering studies. They might come in handy when you look at the hundreds of wiring schematics for one of these beasts.


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