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Lincoln Forum: 2017 MKZ/MKX mirror memory not working with fob
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    MKXMark is offline Junior Member My Lincoln(s): 2017 MKZ Reserve 2.0 FWD/2017 MKX Select AWD
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    2017 MKZ/MKX mirror memory not working with fob

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    Hi all, after our 2017s sit for a while the driver's side mirror memory doesn't work with the keyfob.

    Say my wife drives it, and the next day I unlock with my fob. The seat and wheel go to the proper position but the mirror does not move. Hitting the memory button on the door moves it to the proper position.

    But if I then go back and forth with the fobs it works every time. It stops working after it sits for a while. I was going to take the MKX to the dealer until I found that the Z does the same thing, which tells me it's a software bug. Has anyone else noticed this?


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