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Lincoln Forum: 2000 town car compressor relief
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    2000 town car compressor relief

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    just bought a 2000 town car 47000 miles one owner.So have a question about the suspension. when i turn the key on the air compressor runs for 10 sec. and i can feel the car rise a little bit. when i turn car off the air compressor releases air for a few sec. and must go down a little bit. this happens every time i use the car. the car does not sag at all and the air release is definitely from the compressor. is this normal or is something wrong ? thanks brian

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    It is normal for the compressor to run for a short time when you turn the ignition key on after being parked for quite a while. It is not normal for the air suspension to vent air just after turning the ignition off unless it was too high at the time. The normal system operation is to keep the ride height when the car is parked to avoid open doors jamming against angled sidewalks, etc. In the hour after parking the suspension will adjust ride height as people and luggage are removed. After the hour or so (depending on model year) it will vent the suspension about an inch. The suspension module will then be powered off and no change can be initiated until the ignition key is turned on again.

    There is a switch in the left side of trunk that needs to be turned off (no power to suspension module) so that the car can be raised off the ground (with wheels hanging) without losing air. If the car is raised but the switch is left on then the module will vent all air pressure from the air springs so when car lowered to the ground the rear suspension will collapse and will sit on the ground. Usually the compressor will raise the car to normal ride height easily.

    Good luck.

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