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Lincoln Forum: 2014 MKZH Windshield Replacement
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    2014 MKZH Windshield Replacement

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    I noticed some delamination on the edges of the windshield. Ok, as I was about to call Lincoln on this due to reading this subject in the past. Then a rock resolved the issue. The windshield on my wife's 2014 MKZH took a heavy hit. Since we replaced many windshields on our vehicles, I figured no concern. Been using Safelite for at least 12 replacements over the years. This was the first for the MKZH and a warning appeared. Seems any vehicle with a lane keeping features does use a "camera". Depending upon the install, the camera might have to be realigned for these systems to work properly. Since we have zero deductible, no problem money wise. The Insurance company would NOT pay for an OEM windshield but would pay any additional cost for camera alignment--could be up to $500. Safelite replaced the windshield and said IF there's an issue, they have the equipment to do this. I was advised to test the system and if there was a problem to call them. There's an area near us with light to no traffic on a road with painted lines. Drove the car there and let the car drift over the lines several times. The steering wheel did virbrate/shake and a warning to keep hands on steering wheel + a message to rest or drink coffee. So everything appears to be working fine. This is just an FYI to all who have this equipment.


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