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Lincoln Forum: 1974 Mark IV Time capsule looking for forever home
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    Nov 2016

    1974 Mark IV Time capsule looking for forever home

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    Hi guys

    I have a 1 owner Mark IV that I purchased last year. She is truly a last of a breed as she is 100% original and never been involved in any accidents. She continues to sport her original paint and the interior is in incredible condition. The rug is still nice and fluffy blue shag rug, her owners were non smokers so all the ashtrays are nice and clean. Her leather is soft and plentiful, no cracks on the dash or the seats. She still glides down the road in her original 460.

    When I brought her to my house I felt I needed to give her the type of treatment that Reva and Drexel (original owners) gave her since day one. Since my day one I have replaced all fluids (brake, transmission, engine, coolant) then I replaced the pitman arm, steering box, front brakes, tires and shocks. I also replaced all interior and dash bulbs to make sure her dash is nice and bright during the evening drives. All 4 windows participate as the should and both doors are nicely squared, they close as they did on day one. The weather stripping is nice and soft just like the interior carpet and the trunk carpet. The headliner and visors all have functioning vanity mirrors along with the original window sticker and the visor sleeves with the instructions how to start the vehicle. I have a lot of service records including the maintenance I performed and her original window sticker.

    She drives like she looks and I get comments and thumbs up every time I take her out. Sadly enough, I have too many cars which seems to be a problem that there is no cure for (thank god). She drives great, does not overheat, certainly does not leak anything and does not smoke. The only 2 things that do not seem to participate is the air conditioning and the radio (although the antennae works just fine).

    So if you are looking for one sexy land yacht in Blue and White let me know, I have tons of pictures.

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    Nov 2017
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    Hi, I'm interested, but either one of us probably doesn't have enough posts to allow private messaging. So I'm not sure how to actually get pictures from you. How much are you asking, anyway?



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