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Lincoln Forum: 1997 Lincoln Town Car E.S- advice and heads up?
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    1997 Lincoln Town Car E.S- advice and heads up?

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    I just bought a 97 TC with 188 garage kept for 20 years. It is an amazing ride and very clean i Love it. No major issues so far but, as the car is 20 years old with an average of less than 10 k miles a year.... I am curious to know what do i need to keep an eye out for now as it will be getting more drive time now than it ever has before. in 5 days time i did get a P0430 code for down stream 02 sensor on the cat, and Abs light came on one day when it rained really hard but went away that code was C1095 for abs pump modulear failure but it went away the very next day. THe last small issue is a slight vibration in the rear end when driving a slight rattling almost feels like it is goin over tiny tiny speed bumps in rapid succession. i cant narrow it down to a certain speed when this happens and it does not happen consistenly enough to really know whats up. When i change brakes soon i will check all the bearings and wheel hubs. ANy ways thats all i got any advice tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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    At 188,000 miles you should still have lots of life left in your car. You need to check all the fluid levels (engine oil, coolant, trans oil, rear axle oil power steering fluid) and if not fairly clear then replace since you don't know when they were changed last.

    A number of components, particularly rubber, will have age related wear. Turn air switch in trunk off and jack car at rear and check the lower part of air spring bladder for cracks, wider cracks will soon leak so the air springs and the solenoids at top need replacing. Serpentine belt may have slight cracks running across belt but no cracks running in direction of belt and no pieces of the ribs missing (max 10 year life recommended). Coolant hoses need to be checked for soft spots that will soon burst. Top and bottom rad hoses are most at risk but heater hoses usually need replacing. Fuel lines from the tank to engine need checking for rust that may cause a perforation. Same for the brake lines. The fuel vapour line from vent valve to intake rots over time and you will need to check for softness or holes. PCV hoses rot from the oil and need to be checked. The rear parking brakes are separate from the disc brakes and are located inside the drum which is part of the rear rotor. The shoe linings are prone to separation from the shoe and the springs and fittings rust and break. Bad axle end bearings can wear and damage the outer seals which usually leak at the end of the axle. Any movement of the axle up and down is a sign of wear. If that is the case then you probably will need new shafts since the bearing race runs directly on the shaft and although hardened can be damaged.

    Vibrations in the drivetrain may be caused by tire problems, so swap tires front to back since the steering will more quickly identify a tire problem. If vibration continues then check the driveshaft universal joint bearings for wear and movement by lifting up and down near the joints any movement means replacement of the pair. The pinion shaft to which is attached the driveshaft may have a worn bearing so push up and down on the shaft where it enters the rear axle. There should not be any movement.

    Good luck.


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