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Lincoln Forum: 2018 Navigator MSRP Shock
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    mark95man is offline Senior Member My Lincoln(s): 2014 Navigator & MKZ Hybrid, 07 TC Designer, 96 TC, 79 MARK V Cartier, 75+ 69-71 Lincoln MARK IIIs
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    2018 Navigator MSRP Shock

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    When I saw that $100,000 Ford F-150, I checked out the price of a 2018 Navigator on Lincoln's website. I was thinking of a new Navigator. There are many things I do not like about it--mainly the V-6 EcoBoost. I priced out a 2018 to match my 2014 equipment--I stopped when I reached $90,000+ as I could have hit that $100,000 mark. Just the cost of the HD Cooling/towing option was several times the 2014 cost. Yes, there are more features but the cost is too high. If I wanted a 2018 doing a trade in, I would have to add $62,000 which was the cost of my 2014 w/o tax. Long story short, I'll keep my 2014 as I watch what happens in sales. In the long run, repairs & maintenance should be covered by the saved 2018 sales tax alone! $5,200 + higher AZ registration ($1,000+) should cover any repairs I can't do!

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    driller is offline Senior Member My Lincoln(s): 2016 Navigator, 2006 Designer Series Town Car, '98-'96-'93 Mark VIII's
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    I haven't seen it in person yet but it makes me feel like I got my new 2016 for half price.


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